Dec 24, 2013

where did it go, my new year resolution?

It was TM day this weekend and one of the themes we're encouraged to make a speech was about the new year resolution...

What was my resolution? Yes, I do remember well since I was dead serious at that time I came up with this year's one; keep writing the blog or other posts in English. I remember I was able to keep working on the resolution up to the middle of the year, but after that I marvelously failed to keep doing it and soon my resolution has gone far away and became a single dot in the past...

Why does that have to end like that? It's because of my writing an ebook in Japanese. I know I'm really fortunate to have a chance to publish an ebook with no initial cost or bother to take all necessary procedures. If not for all the generous support and help of my friends in job and also pastime activities, I would never have taken a challenge of writing an ebook and tried to deliver my message to a wider audience.

Yet, I'm sad that I didn't do my best to keep my resolution of writing whatever in English. I was thoroughly surprised when I looked back the entries of this blog in the beginning of this year yesterday. I was writing so many posts in English and many of them are quite long. I can't remember what it was like to write such long ones in a row.

Since I've been working on the other blog quite actively and I feel it's a bit of hassle that I have to long in another account every time I want to write an entry here, but I think it's a hassle worth taking not to lose completely the feel of writing English posts. It takes a long time before you acquire some skills, but at the same time, they will be gone quite easily before you realize if you're blind to the continuous effort you've taken for long.   

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