Jul 29, 2013


After so long absence, I posted a new entry in other kyouikugenba blog in Japanese and I'm going to write another entry here with the same theme in English.
For students, summer holiday is the time for... reading! Many of the junior high and high school students have to read several books and hand in reports at the beginning of the new semester as homework. Then why not, you teachers, read as many as or many more books as they are required to?
Moreover, it's summer time that you should have more free time to go around, so try visiting nearby libraries and read not ordinary PB or magazines but picture books and children's books!
Whenever I am asked to recommend books to English learners, I strongly encourage them to read picture books, but only female learners are serious to listen to my suggestions. I can tell that most of male learners are smiling listening to my crazy talk about reading picture books for language learning when we're in person, but deep in the mind, they're laughing at me thinking that I should have been real crazy and I don't know anything about language learning.  They should be thinking that my English competence is terribly low that I am able to read only books for small kids...
But here I have a concrete and critical reason that you shouldn't do without reading picture books if you really want to be a versatile user and teacher.
See? Even the business people highly appreciate a picture book which is meant to be a book for young learners to learn how to read. You can learn ample of tips or ideal attitude to be a strong, dynamic leader who lead a business.
It's all in your hand whether you can learn something new and worthwhile form picture books or not. If you're enough mindful and attentive, then you would learn endlessly.
You might be able to impress students with thick, heavy, and educational looking books or textbooks, but if you stop catching up with the times with reading various kinds of books, then soon your knowledge or skills would become out-dated and fossilized. Are you comfortable with that?
In addition, you should read not only newspapers or non-fiction, but fictional stories, which allow your mind to play around without any worries and binds that you would be ale to feel as young and fresh as you once had been. This is how the summer holiday should be enjoyed, right?

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